ART OF LIVING ACADEMY OF PERFORMING ARTS [ALAP] , under the aegis of Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir Trust (SSRVM) has the threefold aim of Preservation, Protection & Promotion of Indian Arts.

Since its launch in 2014, ALAP has brought about holistic approach to performance and pedagogy, maintaining deep spiritual roots. It features training at grassroot level by a number of teachers of Indian Classical Music and Dance, a focus on research through the creation of library for performing arts and widespread promotion of arts through annual performing art festivals.

The students are presented with a whole new perspective of learning involving auditory, visual and kinesthetic stimuli, while at the same time incorporating principles of yoga and meditation into the training of Arts.

ALAP has various offerings aimed to kindle the interest of the young minds and develop a keen interest in learning of the heritage art forms. Workshops and Master Classes to those who are already learning the art forms to develop further and excel in their skills are regularly conducted.

Both pedagogy and performance of the performing arts find a resonance through online mediums and ALAP has been taking this forward through the curation of Online music and dance festivals, immersive classes for appreciation of art forms and skill development through long term courses and masterclasses.

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