Dr Sudheer B R

B.A.M.S., M.D. (Ayu)
Date of Birth:- 19/05/1977)
NCISM Teacher Code:- AYKB00394)
Registration Number:- 13144)
Date of Joining:- 16/10/2006)

Dr. Suddher B.R. is a renowned Ayurvedic Paediatrician at SSCASR, who has 18 years of experience in the filed of Kaumarabhritya (Ayurvedic Pediatrics). He is Professor and HOD, Dept. of Kaumarabhritya and has secured his MD degree from SDMCA Hassan. He is dedicated to child health care through Ayurveda, his filed of interest being Neonatology and Pediatrics Panchkarma. He is also a Post Graduate guide and has carried out a project related to childhood nutrition under Department of AYUSH, Karnataka. He is the recipient of the “ KASHYAPA RATNA” award from AAPNA, USA for his contribution in the field of Kaumarabhritya.


Dr. Sudheer B R
 kanakapura main road, Bangalore -560062