Herbal Garden

Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science and Research, Bengaluru has a well-established in-house herbal garden. Herbal garden is located near the college building comprising of around 6 acres, the surrounding devoid of contamination.

The well-maintained garden is attributed with more than 550 species and more than 15000 medicinal plants. Garden also comprise of many rare and endangered species such as Rudraksha, Badraksha, Yashtimadhu,etc

Herbal garden is developed for educational purpose hence the garden is designed according to the morphological classification. The original source plant along with other accepted source plants are placed next to each other for easy understanding and studying. Not only the genuine sources, the substitute and adulterant of the plant are placed next to each other to understand the morphological differences. To familiarize students with industrial significance, there are specific plots in the garden which is dedicated to the group of drugs like Triphala, Dashamoola, etc.

The medicinal plants which are organically maintained in the herbal garden for more than 20 years serve as a huge source of raw materials for the treatment of various diseases at Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science and research Hospital. Herbal garden has been continuously catering the need of various undergraduate and post graduate students of various institutions for the study of medicinal plants. The facility is visited by many dignitaries and received appreciation and it’s a potential source of research in medicinal plants.