India’s first smoke, alcohol & drug free campus.
Envisioned by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji, Sri Sri University was established in 2009 as a center for world-class education in India. The university offers a unique education that brings together the best of both East and West. The courses, the environment, the campus life, the faculty all are an amalgamation of Western innovations and ancient values and wisdom of the East. The university offers a range of pivotal as well as unique courses that seek to preserve the ancient wisdom of the East through programs in yoga and naturopathy, classical performing arts and offer the best of Western innovation through cutting-edge programs in Osteopathy and Craniosacral therapy, good governance and management.

In global industries today traditional business rules have not been able to hold ground in unpredictable situations of economic crises. The market is challenged to formulate dynamic businesses and industries that can rewrite the rules of the global economy to cope with sudden fluctuations. This creates a demand for professionals who can learn and unlearn faster to adapt to dynamic roles which are more leadership-oriented. Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to source the right talent. To overcome this crunch, a bottom-up paradigm shift is required in the educational fabric, and a strategic reworking in the curricula content and the manner in which knowledge is delivered to students.
Strong leadership skills and an unshakeable sense of conscientiousness are required in today’s students. This will empower the students with solid professional expertise, a sustained urge to learn and implement faster, and to take up roles and responsibilities that have a broader desirable impact upon the society. Sri Sri University curricula are positioned to provide world-class, holistic education matching the industry requirements and market demands. The Sri Sri University value differentiation in higher education is the unmatched focus on students’ overall development. This revolves around cognitive, physical, emotional, social and spiritual growth to groom students with firm inner values and a broad vision which evolves a personality who sails through any adversity and serves as a role model.

Sri Sri University aims to provide:

Employable skills
  • Professional education mapped to industry requirements
People skills
  • Self-awareness and self-esteem
  • Proactive attitude
  • Professionalism
  • Right communication skills
  • Cultural adaptability
Integrated human values
  • Ethics and morals
  • Social awareness
  • Modern skills and ancient wisdom
  • Strong sense of ownership towards the professional and social eco-system (the organization, the country and the world)
  • Ability to take greater responsibilities for desirable economic and social changes
Inner engineering
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Breaking free of mental barriers that inhibit individual growth
  • Physical, emotional and intellectual growth through proven breathing techniques and yoga


To impart holistic and value-integrated education in order to develop visionary thinkers with social-consciousness to lead and precipitate inevitable changes, with summative call for Learn-Lead-Serve.


To create centers of excellence in knowledge and research across the fields of study in order to equip students to achieve the highest levels of professional ability in a learning atmosphere that fosters human values to serve the needs of local, national and global economies.

The endeavor is to have,

  • World-class infrastructure with in-campus residential facilities for students, faculty and staff
  • The curricula of the university as a blend of the traditional and the modern.
  • Appropriate teacher student ratio to ensure greater focus on the students’ personal development
  • Innovative educational forums to enable visionary leadership
  • Human values and spirituality as an integral part of education


Sri Sri University Bidhyadharpur,Ward no.1, GodiSahi, Cuttack Odisha-754006

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