Welcome to Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir

As the name suggests, this is a temple of learning where knowledge is revered.

We believe in ‘Vidya Dadati Poornatvam’ which means Education Brings Completeness. Our schools are an epitome of knowledge centers having a conducive environment where each child blossoms completely, full with Academic Excellence coupled with Human Values.


Our Belief

Our founder, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar Ji , has given us the ‘5 Aspects of Education’.

In accordance with the 5 elements in nature come the 5 aspects of education. These are:

CONCEPT as solid as the Earth, ATTITUDE like that of Water that takes the shape of container, INFORMATION which is readiness to receive from all sources like Air all around us, IMAGINATION which is enthused by the Fire and FREEDOM in the mind like the Space that is all pervading.

All the activities in SSRVM are based on these 5 aspects.

Our Curriculum

The core of good learning lies in the curriculum. The SSRVM has an academic council consisting of academicians who have innovated, conceptualized and developed a curriculum which is a blend of the best curriculums followed in various other parts of the world and our National Curriculum Framework. The result is a unique set of modules which provide a holistic learning experience for the students.

Our Methodology

Any curriculum is effective only when it is implemented in the right way. Our approach is simple; child-centric, experiential and interactive. Our day to day activities are designed such that they kindle in each child a curiosity to know. This is done by engaging them in lessons rather forcing on rote learning. This helps in laying a strong foundation in concepts so that after acquiring knowledge the child is able to apply it. Our methodology helps to stenghten the body, mind and emotions and create a sense of belonging with the whole world. It helps in preparing children to live with a smile in this ever- changing world by equipping them with all the necessary skills, information and wisdom to be worthy global citizens. The focus is not only on academics but an all round development of the child.

Our Environment

All SSRVM Schools are located in a calm and serene environment. The buildings are a blend of modern and old architecture equipped with the latest like labs, computer rooms, library, sports room etc. E- learning is an integral part of our schools. We have special activity rooms for dance, music and art to include all extra curricular activities as a part of the learning. All this invokes stress free atmosphere and thus learning here becomes fun.

Our Faculty

At SSRVM we take pride in having some of the most talented, dedicated, well trained and experienced academicians who are committed to deliver the best to our students. Each of our faculty members need to undergo a special in house training called ‘Shradha Program’ before starting teaching so as to understand and deliver our concepts of education perfectly.

Our Strength

Our strength is our motto’ Broaden The Vision , Deepen The Roots’ which is a perfect blend of modern aspects of education and a deep rooted sense of our culture and values. Along with modern teaching concepts like smart classes, robotics, special workshops etc. our students also practice meditation, yoga, Shloka chanting etc. which prepares students in dealing effectively with stress as well as handle their minds and emotions.

The ancient Indian spiritual values, inspired by the teachings of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, are interlaced into the life of students through weekly story sessions and service activities. This helps in holistic development, students learn to become socially responsible, conscious global citizens.

Our Objectives

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says that sincerity in purpose, honesty in approach and dexterity in action is what the youth need to imbibe in order to become good leaders.

We at SSRVM focus on developing each and every aspect of an individual throughout his journey from childhood to youth. We aim at

  • Facilitating a meaningful and joyful education in a natural, conducive environment.
  • Creating the right attitude among students through integrated value education. Integrity, honesty, responsibility, contentment, respect for all religions and an unswerving commitment to peace and non-violent conflict resolution are some of the values we seek to foreground, to enable our students to see all human beings as essentially one.
  • Enabling the students to develop confidence in them and fearlessly face problems and challenges in life.
  • Helping students to unleash their hidden potential by incorporating activities like dance, music and drama; art & craft; public speaking; sports; quiz & mind games; workshops & seminars etc, in our regular curriculum.
  • Developing the emotional and spiritual aspect by engaging them in prayers, yoga and meditation.
  • Creating social awareness and a sense of belongingness by encouraging them to assume leadership and contribute toward uplifting local and world communities.

Annual Reports